I Regret it. So, Now I’m #TMC.

Alright Vulnera-bites… Here I am…

I’ve been avoiding having to share this page in my life, but every time I think of writing— it’s the only thing that comes to mind. So here goes…

My #TMC Pose 🙂

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Her email came with a big “REJECTED” stamp across the screen. Ok, not really… but that’s what it felt like. Her email read.. “Hi Mac, The position has been filled. Thank You.” And just like that, all my dreams and hopes of a new life slipped right through my fingers. It really sucks folks! I think I finally heard the air leaks seal on the glass ceiling that Madam Clinton didn’t get to shatter… #ImNotGoingThere. Is this what it feels like to see the position that sums up my greatest passions handed over to someone else?

Listen folks, there’s no one to blame here… I never applied for the contract. It could have been my entry into finally being self-employed. The opportunity came, it was a Brooklyn Bridge too far away from me, a couple thousand dollars shy of what I wanted and I didn’t even give it a second glance. When I casually mentioned it to my trusted advisors and honed in on their wisdom, I began to warm up to the possibility of this being a way out of my “rat race.” They offered a perspective I hadn’t considered on my own. With excitement, I called and emailed about the availability of the position, but by then it was too late.

I was just too damn late. An opportunity came, I dismissed it and now it’s gone. As Thanksgiving approaches in a few hours, I’m grateful that now I know to look at opportunities a little more closely and carefully before writing them off. In the words of Fantasia, “Sometimes You Gotta Lose To Win.”

I lost. It Sucks. I Move On.

I am sharing this to encourage you and myself to “Seize The Opportunities” as they come along.

“I only miss the shots I never take.” -Wayne Gretzky

I let thoughts of Fear, Insecurity and Uncertainty keep ME from taking a chance. I’m living with the pinch of regret. When the opportunity came, I thought of all the reasons it wouldn’t work — Am I the only one? Although I believe that what is for me, will come to me…. I also believe that fear can keep me from what is for me.

So, where do I go from here…

“I don’t need to see the entire stairwell before I take the first step.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today, I promise to Take More Chances. Cheers to that #TMC Life! Anybody else going to join me in this #TMC Movement?

Encourage me with a comment on that time you took a chance and it worked for you. If you can’t think of a moment, then come on and join me in this #TMC Movement 🙂

Yours Vulnerably,

The Naked Writer

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  1. Yessss!!!! Team #TMC! Again, your vulnerability is both commendable and admirable 🙂 Thank you for sharing this episode with the world! Silly fear! I can definitely relate! Often times God opens a door, and all that is required is that I take a leap of faith, but I insist on “praying about it” over and over again, which gives me just enough time to talk myself out of it! Ugh. It stinks, but you live and learn! Though I’m sure it’s been disappointing, with the sting of regret thrown in, when the next opportunity rolls around (and it will! Because you’re amazing and God’s got yo back!), you’ll go for it! Another lesson learned in the books! Keep on, friend!!!😘❤️

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    1. Wwoosshhh, I’m glad you said it! How often have I fallen into the “I’m praying about it” trap 😏 You Betta say that girl! — Yes! When the next opportunity rolls around— Amen! Thanks for reading:)


  2. Joelle says:

    I think sometimes it’s just that where you are is secure. The idea of letting a sure thing go for a possibility is a nightmare for the control freaks like me. But the truth is : nothing ventured; nothing gained.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yyyeesssss!!!! You got it! You hit it right on the head! That’s exactly it. The security of a steady paycheck. But when, oh when do I


    2. When do I get the guts to finally venture off ? I can’t wait until I feel like it… I have to do it afraid. #JoyceMeyer


  3. Melludi says:

    Yes, a thousand times yes – President of Club Procrastination here! I can remember applying to med school and coming down to the wire with the application which then became null and void because all the supplemental materials hadn’t made it in by the deadline anyway. I cussed, I cried at losing my one chance, but at the end of the day I could only blame me. Truthfully, I just didn’t think I’d get in, and I think my defense was to sabotage myself. Then there are other times I wonder if that stuck in the mud feeling is God actually holding me back from something. Maybe I’m a glass half full person, but I have to believe on a higher level He knows what’s coming next and is preparing us for what’s right for us.

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    1. “My defense was to sabotage myself” — ouch! Now that you say it, I wonder how many times I’ve been guilty of the same thing! Thank you for sharing so vulnerably friend. Big Hugs!


  4. #2 says:

    Ah, we’ve all been there! There’s nothing like praying and simultaneously hoping for (insert here). The moment arrives and excitement builds up, yet, fear stifles us.

    While I’ve had plenty of these moments, one that comes vividly is when I interviewed for a research and evaluation position at a local university. I had no experience in this area outside of textbook knowledge. I convinced myself to go in for the interview after multiple “come to Jesus” talks with my village.

    Fast forward two years later, I’m happy I decided to take a chance and go for it. It was a great experience. I learned so much from the role and it has been helped in pursuing other endeavors.

    I’m learning more and more to Carpe Diem!

    Cheers to the #TMCLife!

    – Do it afraid

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    1. “Come to Jesus” talks with my village!!! Bbaaahhhaaaa!!!! If only I had my talks sooner, maybe I would’ve gotten out of the boat quicker 🙁 Thanks for sharing #2! If only we could as readily take the advice we give to others 🤔

      #DoItAfraid #TMCLife


  5. Esther says:

    I’ll join you on thr journey!!! Thank you for sharing:) #TMC

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! #TMC #ThatTippyToeLife Thanks honey 🙂 #BeIntentional


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