We’re All Waiting For…

My phone would not stop buzzing, one text after another came rolling in. I ignored it. I wasn’t ready for people’s opinions on how I should’ve just ‘kept that to myself.’ When my ‘panic-attack-like’ symptoms subsided and I had the guts to face what my ‘pinnacle of vulnerability’ had brought me, I looked at my phone…

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Text 1: “I’m so proud of you for being so brave.”

Text 2: “I still love you friend.”

Text 3: “As I read your blog, I busted into tears…”

Text 4: “Your story needs to be seen by the world.”

Text 5: “I read your blog this morning and it literally brought me to tears…”

Wow. Here I was typing and crying…wondering why I was crazy enough to publish this very intimate (and quite frankly nobody else’s business) place in my life.

But I’m glad I did.

I did it for everyone, smiling outwardly, but inwardly feeling like ‘I’m in this by myself’. (Like the guy on this podcast asking how to live in the ‘shadow of his mistake’ — I hope he stumbles upon my blog!) I want people to know, “hey, me too!” I’m going through that and I’m figuring out how to make it to that other side Adele is singing from.

We’re all waiting for the other person to open up first… but, what would happen if we decided to take the lead in being vulnerable? — yeah, some people might reject us (or not say anything at all–very awkward!!!) … but more often than not, people are rather drawn to us.

Because deep down inside, we all want to be “fully known” and “fully loved,” and something about people who can allow themselves to be ‘fully known’ is attractive to us.

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That’s why we are loyal to the brands that show us their humanity. We connect with people’s ‘stories’ not their ‘stats.’ (We know more about how Barack Obama grew up than the executive orders he signed in office).

I thought that sharing my life’s ’embarrassing’ places would make me ‘weak’… but rather, I’m finding strength in realizing that, “Yeah girl, I went through that and I’m still here.” 

My friends are looking at me like I have this ‘super power of vulnerability’…. I really don’t though… often times (really all the time) I’m not interested in sharing my life.

But, as I share and people connect with me ‘offline’, I’m encouraged that my experiences are indeed helping someone else…. even those who read and may never comment or never reach out to me… I know it’s helping them too.

Yours Vulnerably,

The Naked Writer

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  1. Seriously! I am super proud of you for sharing your story! It’s nothing to be ashamed of considering the fact that you were young, using protecting, and monogamous in your relationship! But God is an Amazing God and I am soo happy that he used you! Continue to be amazing! ❤️

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    1. Aaawww thanks hon! That really means a lot! He is an amazing God indeed 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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  2. I didn’t realise how much support is out there when you share and you’re genuine. No matter how alone you think you are sometimes, there is always someone else in the same boat. Looking for someone going through the same thing to breathe a sigh of relief x

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    1. There is ALWAYS someone else in the same boat…. We might know that, but the challenge is finding those people. *Sigh of Relief* Indeed!

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  3. Melludi says:

    I do think your vulnerability is a superpower 🙂 I’m normally pretty private, but your stories have encouraged me to be the one to start the conversation sometimes. And honestly…the reward of mutual enlightenment and acceptance between two people opening up has trumped that feeling of vulnerability and exposure every single time.

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    1. Yyyeeesss!!! That’s it right there .. the ACCEPTANCE…. because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all after ☺️❤️ #WeJustWantToBeLoved


  4. Girl! I’ve said it before but you have a phenomenal gift! There is SO much life in your writing, and I always admire the incredible way you invite us in on your journey! I couldn’t agree more with all of us wanting to be “fully known” and “fully loved.” It’s so easy to desire the benefits of pure authenticity, but not so much the work it takes…It’s hard work! Grateful for your beautiful heart!

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    1. Phenomenal gift? Girl, you are just too kind ☺️❤️ Rrriiggghhhttt! We desire the benefits, but don’t want to put in the hard work! You hit it right on the head!


  5. #2 says:

    “Because deep down inside, we all want to be “fully known” and “fully loved.”

    Ah, so true.

    Its funny because sometimes I want to be fully loved without being fully know. I know it sounds weird.

    I want others to love the external things about me without tapping into the internal. Here lies the feelings of rejection, not measuring up, and the facade of having it all together.

    Yes, your writing has encouraged me, but it has also challenged me in my own journey as well.

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    1. “Its funny because sometimes I want to be fully loved without being fully know. I know it sounds weird.” —- Not weird at all. We’re all out here doing it… (scrolls through Instagram)

      “the feelings of rejection, not measuring up, and the facade of having it all together.” —- Hhhmmm. #TwoSnaps

      Touched that you walk away something #2 🙂 … We know that’s not an easy task … lol


  6. Yes! I am so glad this process is unfolding for you! Thank you for being so transparent with us all.

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    1. You know I love you right? That is all 🙂 #MyPenPal


  7. Joelle says:

    It takes INCREDIBLE courage to be open and vulnerable. Some walk through life with a game face, but if you scratch the surface, they are cowering in fear…fear of being judged, rejected, ignored, etc.
    Truth is, I admire your ability to be open…as I watch you do this, maybe I will learn not to try to hold back tears because of my perception of them.

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    1. Mmmhhh… That’s a good one… ‘the perception of tears’…. Cuz we’ve been taught be the ‘strong black woman’, right? We think tears = weakness… right? Looking forward to how your re-learning of tears changes your life! And mine too 🙂


  8. Vanessa says:

    I cringed when I read it but it’s brave that you shared it because it lets people who are going through the same thing know they they are not the only ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cringed. YIKES!!! Glad it evoked something in you. I Cringed and Cried when I hit ‘publish.’ So I get it!


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