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Do this with me…

I know you’ve subscribed to my blog because you want to hear from me—- I’m most grateful for you and I’m honestly quite humbled by the gesture— but I want to hear from you too!

Comment below with some topics you’d be interested in reading about.


If you’d like my take on a more personal question, email me at . Your question and my answer will be featured on my “Dear Naked Writer” column right here on the blog 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll keep your identity anonymous.

Thanks for trying something new with me.

PS. Thank you Kye Medley!

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13 Comments Add yours

  1. aseekerfinds says:

    Organizing your life / managing time / project managing your life when you have A LOOOOOT going on. Would love nuggets from your journey and what this looks like for you. Including practicals.

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    1. Ha! What makes you think I got it all figured out? I’m flattered though ☺️ Thank you for the suggestion!


  2. It would be great to hear more about your journey, especially amidst the transitions with the big move & such! Take us with you on the new adventures! What have been the triumphs with rebuilding community, etc. 🙌🏾

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    1. Transitions! Transitions! Transitions!!!!!!


  3. tyedgeblog says:

    Given the scope of your blog, coupled with the fact that you’re starting a new entrepreneurial journey, it may be interesting for you to chronicle your journey. Being an entrepreneur is nothing like any other profession. It is an identity and affects every aspect of your life. Discuss its impact on your dating life, friendships, family life, self-esteem, personal finances, worldview, health, faith, etc. There will be endless content! You’ll be able to motivate, inspire, ask deep questions, and offer a realistic and vulnerable take on what it actually means to be proverbial “boss” everyone thinks they’d like to become. I’m not suggesting this becomes the theme of your blog, but interspersing it into the mix of topics should provide plenty of enlightening content.

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    1. My entrepreneurial journey? Hhhmmm 🤔


  4. Kye Medley says:

    Aww, you are more than welcome! I am interested in reading about how some women lower their standards for men as they get older. A guy told me years ago that he felt as though women become so ready to be in a relationship that if they don’t have anyone by a certain age with the standards that they’ve set, that they will lower their standards just to find a guy, not the right guy. What is your take on that? Also, do one on how technology has become everyone’s life, and when your battery dies and you don’t access to a charger you are basically lost, lol. And do one on how people use Google or any other online search engine as their life’s guide. And you can do one about how texting is the new talk, literally our authentic voices are replaced by Text, Emojis and GIFs.

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    1. Lowering our standards as we get older? Hhhmmm …. and a Life Plugged In 🤔 Thanks Kye!


      1. jaylining says:

        Oooooo, I was going to come up with my own suggested topic but I like this one a lot! I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this as well b/c my mom has even mentioned that there is some truth to this statement and that makes me nervous being that I’m 22 and single annnnnnd I want to get married lol (not right now lol but it just worries me for the future)

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        1. Lol…. Two votes for this topic!

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  5. JJ says:

    Do one on adulting and how sometimes u just want to scream…one about prof manicure or personal manicure, Disney or real real love stories and expectations.

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    1. Mmhhh …. Disney Love vs Real Love?


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