The Most Difficult Feeling in the World.

Hey Vulnerabites! Oh how I’ve missed you. Thank you for all the love y’all have shown my guest writers! Felt like the moment a single mom brings home her male “friend” and her kids are nice to him. Big smooches to you all!!!

But Your Naked Writer is back!!!

Y’all know that I’ve recently rejoined social media  (for my blog), after shutting down my personal accounts 5 years ago — you can read about why here.

So, as I’ve been attempting  to ‘engage with the world’ on my platforms, naturally I find myself looking at other bloggers and completely random people on my search page and it has me wondering, “When someone finds my page, what value does it add to their lives?”  Don’t get me wrong, I will keep up my aesthetically pleasing pictures (y’all seem to really like that), but really, what is my blog contributing to the world?


I read an article in the paper about a 50 year old woman named Carol, who had mustered the courage to publicly share her overwhelmingly traumatic childhood. She talked about being admitted to the hospital in her 30s for 21 days, only to later discover that keeping these secrets from her childhood were manifesting themselves physically and taking her down a slow road to death.

In other words, “Her secrets were trying to kill her.”


What about the Golden Krust owner who committed suicide. What was happening in his life that he didn’t feel like he could live through it?

I don’t even have to go that far… what about my family friend who sent her family to church, only for their 5 year old son to come home and find her hung to death in their bedroom.

These are all reminders of why I started this blog…

So that someone who feels like they are the ONLY ones traveling a certain road, would know that they are not alone.

Life needs to be done in community.

In the words of Andy Stanley, preaching is for the pews, but life happens in circles. You can watch that message here.

Don’t let this cute face fool you…I’ve had my fair share of life experiences all before the age of 25 — and yes, I do struggle with making some of them public, but I’ve shared them with loved ones. I don’t carry the weight or guilt of the secrets anymore.

More life experiences will come, and by the grace of God, I’m learning to open up — very slowly, but surely, to my trusted advisors.

I wonder if Judas had a friend, would he still have hung himself… Yes, he betrayed Christ… but Peter denied him… yet, one managed to find forgiveness for himself.

There are more of us out here who have been/are going through that same thing too. Granted, maybe that Judas experience was a solo one — he was kinda on his own — no one else in the world had betrayed Christ…yikes! Bad example. BUT, you get my point we’ve all done something we’re not proud of and yet we are still here.

We are the Vulnerabites.

My hope for this blog is that as my Instagram page penetrates the perfect squares of your phone screens, you will stop scrolling long enough to find a community here… that you’d be able to say, “Let me see what Mac got on her blog about this issue, because although ain’t nobody else talking about it… I know she will.”

I don’t call myself the “Naked Writer” to be cute… It’s a name I want to live up to. When I end my blogs with “Yours Vulnerably”— really it’s because I want to leave it all right here on the screen.

I only know what’s vulnerable for me…  I haven’t had all the experiences in the world for my voice to be the only one that’s shared here, hence why I invite guest writers to share from their lives too.

This isn’t about me… it’s about us.

I’m so proud of my #2 who so graciously shares her healing and inspires other women into theirs, with her Isaiah 61 Project! And my other beloved friend who’s soon to launch her podcast the “Unwanted Christian!”

This is what the world needs, more platforms for authentic vulnerable sharing that heals us all! 

Like my Twin TT said to me a few blog posts ago, “I ain’t know you had trust issues.” lol.. Yes boo! #IGotTrustIssuesToo

Like my girl Oli said, “You’re so vulnerable on your blog, it makes me feel like I can be honest with you.” #SpeakAndFindReliefBoo

I don’t need to know your business — nor do I need to give you any ‘fix my life Iyanla’ advice… sometimes just getting out from up under that secret is all the healing you need.

“There is nothing that any ONE person has ever felt, known or experienced on a sole level, that hasn’t been felt or experienced by someone else. The most difficult feeling in the world is believing that you are the only one to travel this path.”  – Oprah

I Love You Vulnerabites!

Let’s Connect on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook

Yours Vulnerably,

The Naked Writer

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Melludi says:

    I really like this post. You have such a heart for people you call your friends and even people who aren’t! You could have made this any other lifestyle, travel, food, fashion blog, but instead you choose to reach the everyday woman and connect us in our vulnerabilities. Thank you for that! P.S. I about died when you said “bad example” lol. Classic Mac lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tear! 😢 oh would you stop pulling at my heart strings! ❤️ Bahahahaa… Right! In my Jidenna voice, Singing, “I’m a Classic Mac” 😎😂


  2. Clare says:

    I like this; “in the words of Andy Stanley, preaching is for the pews, but life happens in circles”: Nice post……great mission; well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Great Mission.” Wow. I like how that sounds. Thank You Clare ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sasainspires says:

    I first heard about this phrase “one another one another” in a seminary program. This whole idea of church being an institution takes away the relational aspect of church. Church is a body that requires intimacy to grow! I’ve been in church with people for years and we still don’t know each other. I have felt most “at church” when I’m with my casual clothes, chilling with my dream team sistahs more so than when I’m sitting in a pew on a Sunday with my “mantille” on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Yes! Sometimes church sets us up to be our imaginary selves… who we ‘think’ we’re supposed to be in the pews… and everyone else is doing the same thing.

      Lets go Dream Team!!! Shout out to our very very deep and intimate (sometimes 3 day long) conversations that sometimes leave me with a taste in my mouth to do a little better in this life!

      Relationships. Relationships. Relationships.


  4. Joelle says:

    Thank you for sharing that sermon. Growing up in traditional “church” can leave a bitter taste and what this pastor had to say hit a note I needed to hear.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. OOOhhh it definitely hit a FEW NOTES for me!!! So glad you got something from it too. Big Hugs!


  5. KayLuv says:

    Community is everything… Thanks for your transparency, it’s refreshing, and it’s making a difference in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AAaaaaWWwww TEAR!!! That’s encouraging friend 🙂


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