Why I Hate Vision Boards.


Hey Vulnerabites,

I’ve just pissed off a few life coaches and motivational speakers with that title 🙂

So — it’s 2019.

For the last couple of years, at the start of every new year, I would decide on my top 10 goals and create a vision board to accompany it.

This Year? I haven’t done it yet.

As I take down my vision board for 2018 and reflect on what came to life, I wonder if I’m really any more different than I was the previous year?

By virtue of life happening to me, absolutely. But based on my vision board? I don’t know.

I started 2018 with a girls’ trip to Thailand.


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One of my favorite memories from the trip — a quiz my friend Esther encouraged us to take and discuss. I was down and out with Bangkok Belly so I didn’t take my quiz, but I didn’t want to miss the discussion. I maneuvered my way to the dining room table of our AirBnB with the bit of energy I stored up from sleeping all day…. glad I did.

I completed my quiz when I returned home.

It was a quiz on “Discovering Your Values.”

My Top 3 Values: Honesty, Relationships, Personal Development.

I wonder what it would look like if I decided to create 2019 goals around my values —- around a life that reflects what’s important to me.

I think in the past I’ve been subliminally setting goals as a form of catch up to where I thought I’d be by now. It was like my to-do list on steroids!


I can’t make every year of my life about this version of Mac my 12 year old self thought I’d be by 30 something.

I can’t be hostage to that girl. She was a kid. Bright eyed. With no idea of what life would bring me. I haven’t been hostage to other’s expectations of me —- I’ve been hostage to the expectations of the middle school version of myself.


How would I feel in 2020 taking down a vision board from this year that inspired me to live more honestly, developing deeper relationships all while taking more initiative in my own personal development?

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I think this year, I want to try things differently and create goals around the Mac I want to be —- and not what I want her to do. 

I’m trading my vision board for a values board! 

Vulnerabites! Who’s with me?

I have no idea what that board is going to look like — but I’m going to make something up —- throw it up on the wall and see what sticks. Lol.

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The world tells us that with every new year we get this new canvas to paint our lives however we’d like it to look.

I disagree.

I think a new year is an extension of an already existing painting — but we get to choose new colors, different strokes and patterns — and take our lives in a new direction, a new year doesn’t erase everything from the previous one.

In fact, I’m sure it doesn’t … that Popeyes, Ghetto Burger, Chipotle, KFC, Krispy Kreme donuts and Burger King that I ate on my last trip of 2018 followed me with 4.5 pounds right on to the scale in 2019.

2019 isn’t bringing me a new life.

It’s giving me a chance to try things differently with what I’ve picked up in all the years before it.

So, Vulnerabites — tell me — what’s something you can work on this year to will help you get closer to the kind of person you’d like to be?

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Yours Vulnerably,


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  1. J says:

    I’ve always appreciated the concept of the vision board…never got around to doing one…good way to keep track of one’s goals and aspirations, but a values board sounds great. It sounds like a way to keeping what is important in the forefront and not allowing life’s little foibles to derail you.

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    1. Exactly. Keeping what is important in the forefront!

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  2. Beutiflee says:

    Another great post. I agree, Bible says we start the day afresh, but you build on the knowledge you’ve gain from previous experiences. A value board shoulda great. Who I envision myself to become, does sound like what I’ve been thinking about lately. Thanks for the great tip

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    1. “Who I envision myself to become” — MMmhhh love this line of thinking! This to me is way more important than what we do.

      Because we can be president and still not BE well suited for the role.

      “It’s not about where we’re going, but who we are when we get there.” – Rachel Hollis

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  3. Kye Medley says:

    Well said. I did my very first Vision Board last year and I must say, it was a long time coming, lol. But I like the idea of a Values Board. I think it’s a great way to dig deeper into the person you’re truly meant to be. I want to work on consistency and personal development this year, and years to come. I feel like I set myself back sometimes when I start something and don’t finish it. And I am still working on me, so personal development is something that I want to be better at this year, however that looks, lol.

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    1. YYyeeess!!! I remember your YouTube video — you should share the link with us in the comments!

      ” it’s a great way to dig deeper into the person you’re truly meant to be.” — Exactly! Because it’s easy to get caught up in checking things off the board, but not really evolving into a better version of ourselves —- for example, love how you’ve re-started acting class! You want to BE a great actress, and classes are way better for you than just ‘landing a role’ — you know what I mean?

      I can’t wait for you to invite me to your first red carpet premiere!

      Consistency!! Lol… Second time I’ve read this in the comments —- I feel a Vulnerabite theme in the atmosphere…lol

      Personal Development? Whoop! Whoop! — That’s right up my alley and literally touches on EVERY area of your life, wether you want to develop in your health, academics, speaking — anything!

      However that looks? Right. That’s where the goals come in — you gotta define it, because personal development is just so broad.

      Big Hugs to you Little One!

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      1. Kye Medley says:

        Aww thanks Macalanious! And I know exactly what you mean. I feel like it’s more about fulfilling your purpose. And definitely, thank you for speaking that red carpet premiere into existence, lol. And yes, I have to be consistent because in my opinion consistency brings results. And Personal Development is definitely big for me. Also, I’ve included my YouTube video link for those who may want to check it out: https://youtu.be/I09Va_6kOTY. Thanks a bunch!

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        1. Yes! Consistency indeed brings results! That’s where it’s at — in the slow and STEADY — classic case of the tortoise and the hare 🙂

          Thanks for sharing your YouTube link with us 🙂

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  4. Kaje Marie says:

    Yes! You definitely pissed off a few folks, but I love it! I like vision boards for the simple fact that it is an enjoyable and creative activity to engage in. That’s it. I definitely don’t feel like a vision board helps me manifest anything. It’s just fun to do and nice to look at.

    “Bangkok Belly” LOL… Do you have a copy of that quiz?

    “I think a new year is an extension of an already existing painting — but we get to choose new colors, different strokes and patterns…” As a wannabe artist, I love this. I also view life as a canvas and a work of art that is never finished and always being reworked, added to, changed, made better 🙂

    There are 2 things I’m focused on this year – consistency and my 4 freedom challenges. I think I could be so much more effective if I work on being consistent in the things I do. I think it’s going to require managing my energy a bit better. I feel like a lot of things are done in spurts for me. I can be really focused on something for a period of time and then I get tired or drained and then I fall off and have to build up momentum again. Being consistent and maintaining steadiness is the “goal.” And of course I’m always working on feeling more free in different areas of life.

    Off to the store to get some magazines! My vision board is in progress and at a standstill, but I like this idea and going to incorporate it. Thanks!

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    1. Beutiflee says:

      I like build up momentum, steadiness, and consistence. I many people get caught in New Year fabs, the glitz and glamour. Instead of finding more value (purpose) in life and being free to be themselves. I agree with you

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      1. Kaje Marie says:

        Hey there! I definitely agree that people should step away from the fads and do something more meaningful. It’s been enjoyable for me to explore alternatives to the traditional New Year’s resolutions.

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        1. Beutiflee says:

          You’re right! I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too many boards or journals


          1. Lol — loving this conversation 🙂


        2. Right! Just love what you’re doing! Bring us in on the journey, even if it’s through your IG stories!

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      2. Yes Tiff! She’s right on with the Freedom Challenge! With just exploring different things. Instead of being succumbed to the same old ‘resolutions’ year after year. Where is the intentionality in resolutions?


    2. Kellie honey, I gotta agree with you — ” it is an enjoyable and creative activity to engage in.” — Absolutely! I’m a visual learner, so anything that engages that sense is a win for me. So I get it!

      Consistency? — lol… We all could use some of that! But I understand what you mean — Like, I really wanna apply that to the blog — going on year 3!

      And this freedom challenge you got going on — share the link with us in the comments — I absolutely love it!!! The freedom to just enjoy the journey — and the freedom to walk away if it aint working — easy.

      Glad to hear your vision board will have some incorporation of your values! Great way to plan AND live 🙂

      I have to get around to doing mine — *covers face* — my personal deadline is Jan 31st.

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      1. Kaje Marie says:

        Wow! Year 3! Great job sticking with it this long. Seems like you’re gaining traction and definitely got the engagement piece going on.

        Don’t worry, I went to the store and asked if they had old magazines lying around. They don’t, and I decided I wasn’t paying $5 per magazine to only be able to cut out 1-3 things from each…. mine’s on hold too.

        Thanks for allowing me to post the link 🙂 …oh yeah I also set a goal to get comfortable with video and being on camera. Yikes! so I will do my best to start sharing on IG stories.

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        1. 3 years! Yes…I can’t believe it either. Quite honestly, thought the “traction and engagement” would be a lot further along by now — but hey! I’ve quit making that my priority and I just share life — whoever joins the conversation , I’m here for it.

          I hear you on the $5 magazines — -lol. My husband in his genius-ness, would just pick pictures online and print them out for his board — I thought it was cheating at first, but I soon joined his strategy, it’s PERFECT. I get EXACTLY the pictures I want…lol… and the board is still cute 🙂

          You could absolutely always post here honey! Why not!

          And yes! I see you getting better with posting yourself in IG stories! Your face is beautiful! Keep it coming boo 🙂

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  5. R. Leckey Harrison says:

    I love this idea. On my website I have an assessment tool from the VIA Institute on Character, and it gives you an idea of your strengths. I discovered in taking it that the results were spot on, but weren’t matching my ego. We’d all love to hear that we’re compassionate, empathetic, wise, kind and so on. My #1 was “Love of learning,” and I would never argue with that. “Kindness” and “honesty” rolled in at #3 and 4. The whole thing matched me to a tee though, and I work with it all the time.

    I’m also not interested in moving kindness to #1. I wasn’t scored that way, so why change it? I like to work with who I am, and allow that to be, rather than put on an image.

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    1. Hey Harrison! I’m an assessment junkie — went to your site, didn’t see the link for the assessment. Do you mind sharing it with us in a comment?

      BUT — I did see your link to Brene Brown’s blog —- I enjoyed that! Thought I was already subscribed to her blog, but re-subscribed anyway!!! SO thanks…lol

      Love of learning! Wow! I think I have a lot of that too.

      Don’t forget to share the assessment link with us please!


  6. HarleyQ2 says:

    “I think a new year is an extension…” this has always been my philosophy. I have ongoing goals that get tweaked or change on the priority list.

    I am working on getting back to setting my boundaries. I have allowed them to slip over the last 2 years and now I am working on them being stronger due to the lessons I have learnt.

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    1. Yes —- Some goals change on the priority list as the years come and go! I find as I’m getting older — Relationships are rising on my priority list. I’m learning that this hustle hard life is empty without someone to share the fruits with.

      Setting Boundaries huh? Have you read the book “Boundaries” by Dr.Henry Cloud?

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      1. HarleyQ2 says:

        I read it a few years ago and liked it. If I still have it, I will browse through it again

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        1. Oh nice! Yes.. Good idea 🙂


    2. Beutiflee says:

      Worked on boundaries a lot last year, just fine tuning it this year and strengthening it

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      1. Fine Tuning. That’s right. You never stop, just gotta keep oiling that engine. lol


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