There’s Something About Mac.

Hey Vulnerabites, Hope the New Year is being good to you! Mine has been a little busier than I would’ve hoped, but hey… I’ll take it ūüôā Happy New Year to you! But as promised in the acceptance speech of receiving my first blog award¬†… Here are 10 things about your Naked Writer:

The Most Difficult Feeling in the World.

Hey Vulnerabites! Oh how I’ve missed you. Thank you for all the love y’all have shown my guest writers! Felt like the moment a single mom brings home her male “friend” and her kids are nice to him.¬†Big smooches to you all!!! But Your Naked Writer is back!!! Y’all know that I’ve¬†recently¬†rejoined social media ¬†(for…

What If I Never Get Married?

  Hey Vulnerabites, She sent me an email sharing how the transparency in my blog had inspired her own openness. After a few “hard and force you to process your feelings” questions and a couple of rough drafts later, this fell into my inbox. I hope you find her honesty as refreshing as I did….

If You’re Not Married by 28, You’re Screwed.

Hey Vulnerabites, So, I know y’all like when I talk relationships, those posts always drive the most traffic, and not to mention, it came up a number of times in response to my last post asking, “what do you want to read about?” So as per the request of a fellow Vulnerabite, here we go… “A guy…